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Creative Conceptualization & Design

Design is more than simply creating a picture using a tool on a computer. Here at Novitat Media we believe in bringing your visions to life via uniquely crafted imagery based on creative concepts brought about by a carefully thought out processes and discussions that will ensure that every artwork is of the highest quality.

Branding & Brand Development

Every brand needs to stand out of the crowd, from its name to its logo to its identity. We guarantee your brand’s development by supporting your ventures every step of the way while keeping the customer as our number one priority, by analyzing, strategizing and implementing customized plans to suit each client’s requirements and highlight their forte.

360 Degree Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the most sought-after online marketing tool by brands, businesses and organizations new and old, across the globe. The fast-paced rate at which these platforms are developing can be utilized as a pivotal tool in providing an open conversation between clients and customers, whilst giving them the experience of a more personalized and efficient mode of communication.

Social Media Customer Service

Customer service is a vital part of marketing online and we will take care of your customer service for you. Tending to queries, neutralizing negative comments, responding appropriately to complaints, updating respective social media platforms according to pre-planned schedules while staying ahead of the newest trends that can be used in the brand’s favour, creating interesting and engaging content to attract potential customers whilst maintaining existing customers, driving traffic to relevant areas with the idea of promoting the brand are some of the services we offer you in the comprehensive package deal you can expect from us.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Staying at the top of search results on popular search engines and browsers require specialized SEO knowledge which is employed by our dedicated team to ensure clients remain at the top, where they can be easily viewed and found by the right people.

Google Adwords

Advertising online is a very effective and efficient strategy for brands and businesses if utilized properly. We make sure that our clients are reached to the correct target audience via strategically displayed ads on popular websites constantly browsed by existing and potential customers.

Website Design, Development & Maintenance

We involve a systematic procedure to design the layout of a client’s website, catered to suit their brands or businesses using stable, functioning software to carry out its development over a preferred period of time.

Corporate, Commercial & Product Photography

Photos are a wonderful way of capturing a moment or an object. Using the skills of professional photography, we allow you to share your perceptions of your brands with customers and fans in a creative yet engaging manner where every image has a story to tell.

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